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Regret Iyer Productions proudly invites you to its most ambitious project yet. An epic adventure in the wilds of America!
Through Shravan Regret Iyer’s eyes and eloquence this project takes you on a visual journey from exploring underground network of caves that can only be accessed by boat, to a journey on the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway. It is a journey of more than 10,000 miles (explored over a period of last one-and-a-half-years and still ongoing as part of 3lenses series) from flying over the borders of Canada on a charter jet for fall foliage to the far southern portion of the East coast where fairy tale creatures dwell.
Shravan Regret Iyer’s “This is America – All New”

USA_7595     USA_7552

USA_7537     USA_7692

USA_2116     USA_2143

USA_2134     USA_2131

USA_2123     USA_4129

USA_1510     USA_4077

USA_4108     USA_3997

USA_3982     USA_1225

USA_1202     USA_1240

USA_1211     USA_7183

USA_7197     USA_7245

USA_7097     USA_6999

USA_7373     USA_8179

USA_8165     USA_8088

USA_8037     USA_7975

USA_7842     USA_7738

USA_4969     USA_4913

USA_4759     USA_4539

USA_4844     USA_4972


Bhutan the last Shangri La - Poster low res

BHU_3018     BHU_2991

BHU_2835     BHU_3030

BHU_3068     BHU_4022

BHU_5939     BHU_3045

BHU_2931     BHU_4845

BHU_3941     BHU_5888

BHU_6692     BHU_5770

BHU_6142     BHU_6103


IN_0373     IN_8665

IN_8962-2     USA_1708

IN_9971     IN_8667-1

IN_8728     IN_8528

IN_9316     IN_0376

IN_8485     USA1_1656

BHU_6603     IN_9717

IN_8555     IN_8714

IN_8245     IN_0743

IN_0848     IN_0257

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