In winter, the trees are bare, the snow is crusted, the marshes are frozen and brown leaves on the ground, clumps of dead grass, and little silvers of ice clinging to the edges of brooks. It might look like a gray world, but the Great Swamp teems with multitudinous forms of life.

As author Brooks Atkinson puts it in the 1967 article published in the New York Times magazine, “Great Swamp is good for nothing – But Life, Knowledge, Peace and Hope

The Great Swamp here in New Jersey is considered unique because it is home to both northern and southern species of trees and a refuge to millions of land and water birds migrating twice a year through the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge, which is part of the Great Atlantic Flyway – a major North-South flyway for migratory birds in North America.
The Great Swamp is also home to 42 species of reptiles and amphibians, 39 species of mammals, and home to more than 244 species of birds.
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