Through ‘Project 3 Lenses’ I will take you on a journey from high in the Himalayas to the deepest jungles of Madagascar in Africa, documenting Wildlife, Wild Places, and Human Journey. We will be exploring places and species, some of which were unknown until only a few years ago; untold stories of enchanting little creatures to the greatest animals that walk our planet. I will take you into the air, to remote corners of the world, and back in time, all in high definition visuals and emerging media technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 360° video! Join me Shravan Regret Iyer and explore the natural world in all its splendor and complexity.

Shravan Regret Iyer is a former journalist and emerging researcher currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Communication, Information and Media at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Iyer’s research interests are in studying the use of Experiential Media (EM) such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 360° video. Iyer continues to work on various research projects pertaining to EM and has presented papers at various national and international conferences. Read more about Iyer’s research here

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The Virtual Reality of Climate Crisis

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A New Study Explores Use of Virtual Reality in Climate Change Reporting and Storytelling

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The Victorian Era’s Obsession with the Occult Explained

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Camel Racing and Holographic Selfies: Exploring Qatar’s Use of New Media for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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VR a blast from the past?

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From Séances to Stereography: The Victorian Era Roots of Modern Virtual Reality

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Shravan Regret Iyer’s Project 3 Lenses (Wildlife, Wild Places and Human Journey) – Celebrating 4 years
This is Cambodia – All New Visual Series (2021)

In 2017 on World Environment Day (June 5), we Regret Iyer Productions invited you to be part of the virtual journey to explore the breathtaking wilds of the Himalayas ‘Life in the Himalayas. In the following years, we continued our virtual explorations ‘Bhutan, the last Shangri La; ‘This is America and ‘One Earth’ visual series.

To celebrate our four years of virtual exploration, we invite you to another epic adventure, this time in the wilds of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In this virtual journey, we will explore, the country’s unique biodiversity, lifestyle, and architecture – including one of the world’s most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia, a 12th century Temple city inside a 400 sq km of Angkor Archaeological Park nestled in the forests of Cambodia, also a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Shravan Regret Iyer Wins United Nation’s WMO 2021 Award
Shravan Regret Iyer’s photograph capturing a dramatic weather event in Morondava in Madagascar, Africa has won the prestigious United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 2021 Award. The photograph titled “Rainy Season in Madagascar” will be featured in the United Nation’s WMO 2021 calendar: The Ocean, Our Climate, and Weather. Read more here.

United Nation’s WMO 2021 Calendar Cover Photograph by Shravan Regret Iyer
Download the PDF version of the calendar here:

Humor in Nature – Short Film Series (2020)

Regret Iyer Productions (RIP) presents ‘Humor in Nature‘, a Short Film Series written, filmed and edited by Shravan Regret Iyer.

One Earth – All New Series (2020)

A reputed lensman and journalist, my father (Regret Iyer) trained me at a very young age to see and capture some unique and human interest stories. And, in last 15 years — ever since my very first photograph was published in a newspaper — I have been lucky enough to have travelled to some remote corners of the world and capture intriguing and fascinating stories.
To mark this 15-year-long journey, I will be sharing photographs — that were highly commended, won awards and made it to the print — in this visual series called ‘One Earth’. Join me Shravan Regret Iyer and explore ‘One Earth’

Multiple Award Winning Documentary:

Read: Shravan Regret Iyer’s nature documentary ‘Life in the Jungles of Madagascar’ wins multiple awards

Press Coverage


“…For Shravan Regret Iyer filmmaking is not just about breathtaking visuals or over the top technology. It is about telling a grand story with tools that people use every day… >> MORE PRESS

“…Shravan’s work is already creating ripples on a national level. With his name in the India book of records, this young and talented lad has proven his mettle several times and is raring to go…” >> MORE PRESS

“…Shravan’s humble nature is guided by ferocious ambition. ‘If you believe that you can do it, you can do it,’ is the motto he lives by…” >> MORE PRESS

Visual Series

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.27.14 AM

Regret Iyer Productions proudly invites you to its most ambitious project yet. An epic adventure in the wilds of America! Through Shravan Regret Iyer’s eyes and eloquence this project takes you on a visual journey from exploring underground network of caves that can only be accessed by boat, to a journey on the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway. It is a journey of more than 10,000 miles from flying over the borders of Canada on a charter jet for fall foliage to the far southern portion of the East coast where fairy tale creatures dwell. Experience the stories of people, rich culture and traditions, and a closer look at the species and places. Shravan Regret Iyer’s ‘This is America‘ – All new visual series.”

Bhutan the last Shangri La - Poster low res

Bhutan is the most bio-diverse country in the world. As of 2017, more than 71 percent of the total geographical area of the country is covered by forests. It’s also the ‘only’ carbon negative country in the world where people live in perfect harmony with nature. Join me Shravan Regret Iyer and explore ‘Bhutan, the Last Shangri La, a visual series.

Life in the Himalayas - Web Compressed

Join me Shravan Regret Iyer and explore the beauty and the fragility of life and the power of most inhospitable mountains on Earth, the Himalayas. ‘Life in the Himalayas‘, a visual series.

Winter, Visual Series – All New

Regret Iyer Productions invites you to an all new visual series titled ‘Winter’. Through Shravan Regret Iyer’s eyes and eloquence this series takes you on a visual journey into the winter wonderland.

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