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From pox to drought, goddess invincible, Agumbe’s hope

Mari-thumbIn the wettest spot in the Western Ghats, fabled Agumbe which once mirrored Assam’s Cherrapunji for the highest rainfall in the country, the signs that the spectre of drought hangs over the mountains are all there. For the people of Malnad and Bayaluseeme, the only hope rests with the goddess Mari, revered for bringing the rains and blessing the village with good health and happiness, and in another era, protecting children from chicken pox and diseases that once had no cure. Full Story

Before IT City in Bengaluru, it was fruit basket, thanks to one man!

Lalbagh - thumbBefore Bengaluru became India’s IT City and turned into a ‘hot destination’, both figuratively and literally, as we are discovering this summer, it was India’s ‘Garden City’, ‘Horticulture Capital’ and a veritable ‘fruit basket’. Full Story

Karnataka: Ancient scripts, monuments under threat in Srirangapatna

SR Patna ThumbBengaluru: It’s an island home to over 80,000 ancient scripts and  35 historical monuments of  Islamic, Hindu and Christian importance.  But Ganjam, the treasure trove of Srigangapatna, where the Tiger of Mysuru, Tipu Sultan, built his fort,  is falling into ruin thanks to official apathy. Full Story

The Rat-Eaters of Ramanagara

Iruligas ThumbHave you heard of the Iruligas? They are the‘people of the night’, who have lived close to this gleaming glass-and-concrete city of ours for centuries, yet are largely invisible. And they are very unlike the ‘people of the night’ of the IT metropolis. Shockingly so, says Shravan Regret Iyer, our in-house vegetarian in the wild! Full Story


This is the time of the year when Rama roams the city

Rama_thumbIf you haven’t yet had Lord Rama himself suddenly springing up before you from nowhere in the past two-three days, don’t despair, he might still do so, along with his brother Lakshmana and their ever-faithful follower Hanuman, over the next one week. If they do, just don’t ask Rama where Sita is, nor offer peanuts to the monkey-god! Full Story


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