Life in the Jungles of Madagascar – Film

In the Jungles of Madagascar – Trailer

From the tiny chameleon to the greater bamboo lemur, Madagascar has become an evolutionary cauldron, producing increasingly extreme forms of life, for over 60 million years. But these extraordinary animals and plant species, are now endangered. How tragic would it be if we lose them before we even understood them?

Iruligas the People of the Night

‘Iruligas, the people of the night’ is a short documentary film on the Iruliga tribes of Ramanagara in Karnataka, India whose food habits consists chiefly of rats, a fact that sets them apart from other tribes.

Frogs’ Love Calls Go Unanswered #noisepollution #india

The Discovery of a Gigantic Banyan

A short documentary film on the world’s largest tree canopy that spreads across eight acres of land with a whopping 4, 358 supporting roots.

In Pursuit of Gross Animal Happiness

A short film to promote Gross Animal Happiness, which entails stimulating the progression of Bhutan’s society towards Gross National Happiness (GNH), where animals are treated and cared for with respect, kindness and compassion, and where a healthy and happy co-existence of animals and humans is the norm.

Elephants, Men Battle it Out

A short documentary film on the human-elephant conflict prevalent in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The documentary is completely filmed using a cell phone camera.

Ganjam, The Treasure Isle

‘Ganjam, The Treasure Isle’ is a stop-motion documentary made using 4, 500 photographs on Ganjam suburb of historical town Srirangapatna near Mysore.

The Vanishing Wings of Kokkarebellur

Nearly 30 years ago, the village of Kokkarebellur in Mandya district of Karnataka, India was home to more than 2000 pelicans and the numbers have now dwindled to a mere 400 birds. 

Missing Trees – Documentary


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