The state of the wildlife!
Cougar also know as the mountain lion, puma, panther is an ambush predator and pursues a wide variety of prey. It’s is native to the americas and it’s range spreads across Canada to South America. There are several subspecies of cougar. One mountain lion subspecies – the Florida Panther is listed as critically endangered with less than 100 individuals. Across the US an estimated 30,000 cougars live in the wild. Increasing habitat loss and hunting for sports has caused decline in the population.
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A heard of Pashmina goats and sheep in the lower Himalayas. Pashmina is the indigenous name for cashmere used by the mountain people throughout the Himalayan region. The Pashmina goats are raised primarily at higher elevations. Kashmir Pashmina wool is know to be the world’s finest measuring 12-15 microns in fabric thickness. Because of Kashmir conflict and the die-off of animals in Ladakh due to blizzards, the neighbouring country China has been able to dominate Pashmina productions in the past few decades.
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Life is all about balance!
A man performing a fine act of balance on a bicycle.
Photographed in Karnataka, India.
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A bird’s eye view of Acadia National Park — which looks like a world map from the sky — one of untouched landscapes located in the state of Maine in the USA.
This national park spreads across 47, 000-acre in the Atlantic coast and reserves much of Mount Desert Island and associated smaller islands along the coast.
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Life: Bent Not Broken… Wordsworth’s Leech Gatherer better describes her: Her body was bent double; feet and head coming together in Life’s pilgrimage…This old lady helps herself to lead a life.
Photographed in India – 2009
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A reputed lensman and journalist, my father (Regret Iyer @regretiyerphoto) trained me at a very young age to see and capture some unique and human interest stories. And, in last 15 years — every since my very first photograph was published in a newspaper — I have been lucky enough to have travelled to some remote corners of the world and capture intriguing and fascinating stories from the natural world (wildlife, wild places and human journey.
To mark this 15-year-long journey, I will be sharing photographs — that were highly commended, won awards and made it to the print — in this visual series called ‘One Earth’. Join me Shravan Regret Iyer and explore ‘One Earth’