Opera Houses in the United States have a long history almost dating back to the pre-revolutionary war era. It was considered as the most popular form of entertainment and a part of American musical culture. Operas were staged at a variety of theaters across the US. Here is a historically accurate replica of one such operas.
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An artist demonstrates his expertise in bullwhip handling.
While bullwhip is traditionally used to control livestocks, it can also be used as a weapon for hunting! Expert bullwhip handler Simon Tookoome used one to hunt reindeer and wolf!
The challenge involved in photographing this action was to freeze that moment where the whip came in contact with the paper, while considering that the stunt lasted less than a second in time.
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A re-enactment of a murder scene of Dodge City, Kansas in an historically accurate replica of the Dodge city of Kansas in Wild West City, New Jersey. This place in fact stands as a testimony to that unflinching, unwavering, courageous frontier spirit that shaped America.
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