This is one of the oldest American breed of hog, known as the Hampshire Pig. They are characterized by erect ears and a black body with whitish band around the middle, covering the front legs. They are the fourth ‘most-recorded breed’ of pig raised as livestock in the United States.
In the US hog and Pig farming is a $22.5 billion industry. An estimate suggests that there are nearly 72 million hogs and pigs on U.S. farms. Such large-scale pig farming poses immense threat to the natural environment. Pig waste largely contributes to the groundwater pollution and in turn causes respiratory, ailment, decreased quality of life and higher blood pressure.
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Old School: This is how a well equipped one-room rural school in the United States looked like in the colonial times. The classroom had desks, blackboard, books, globe, artwork, stove, piano and lanterns. Textbooks were imported from England in the 17th century and in 1690 Boston publishers started reprinting the same. Webster’s speller was the pedagogical blueprint for American textbooks and it was so arranged that it could be easily taught to students, and it progressed by age. Only 3.68 million Americans attended primary schools in 1840’s
With limited number of students most communities relied on one-roomed school houses like this one.
As older children in the families would teach younger ones, the abler pupils in these schools become helpers to teachers and taught other students what they had learned.
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Chaos: A re-enactment of gunfight between two gangs in an historically accurate replica of the Dodge city, Kansas in Wild West City, New Jersey.
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