Increasing habitat loss and pesticide use has already put the world bee population at risk of extinction. In North America, as many as 700 bee species are headed towards extinction.
Along with the man-made problems, bees also face other challenges including pathogen (microorganism that can cause disease). Researchers have found that Pathogens such as (Crithidia bombi and Nosema ceranae) have implicated in slowing bee colony growth rates and increasing bee death.
Fortunately, researchers have found that Sunflower Pollen has Medicinal, Protective Effects on Bees. Recently, researchers found that two different species of bees that fed a diet of sunflower pollen had dramatically lower rates of infection by specific pathogens. While sunflower pollen alone cannot be considered meal for bee population, researchers says it could certainly be a good additional to a diverse wildflower population for bees.
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