December is the month when winter truly begins in most of the Northern Hemisphere.
As the winter sets in, the full moon also called the Cold Moon sets in. In the ancient times it was a common practice to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month. For millennia the Native American tribes name the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons.
This year the full cold moon is falling exactly in line with the December solstice (Friday December 21 5:23pm EST). Also the moon will form a conjunction with bright star Aldebaran, meaning two celestial bodies appear to meet and pass each other in the sky.
In this video I attempted to capture the full glory of the full Cold Moon with the wolves howling (from my recent recordings in the background). Swipe left to see the Cold Moon up close.
Happy winter, stay warm! And wishing you all a Happy Holidays!
Join me Shravan Regret Iyer @shravanregretiyer3lenses and explore ‘This is America’ all new series. Visit @shravanregretiyer@regretiyerproductions and for more immersive stories.


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