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A Northern Harrier hunting low over a marsh is one of the most distinctive raptors in flight. They were formerly know as the ‘Marsh Hawk’ The Marsh Hawk can fly low and nearly silent, plunging onto unsuspecting prey on the ground. This is due to the owl-like facial disk which provides directional hearing which helps in detecting prey in tall grass or low-light conditions, and its soft feathers that helps for quiet flight. During the 1950’s and 1960’s Marsh Hawks across the United States exhibited reproductive failure resulting from contamination with pesticide DDT. In 1980’s the population of Marsh Hawks declined to less than 50 breeding pairs statewide in NJ. Due to the population declines and the destruction of natural habitats, the Marsh Hawk is now listed as endangered in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut and threatened in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts State in the United States. Join me Shravan Regret Iyer @shravanregretiyer3lenses and explore ‘This is America’ Also visit @regretiyerproductions @shravanregretiyer & for more immersive stories from the natural world.