The Queen Snake is a non-venomous and semi-aquatic snake species endemic to North America. The scientific name of Queen snake is Regina septemvittata and the word Regina in Latin means “queen”, hence the name.

Queen snakes are known to bask in shrubs that overhang the water allowing them to drop into the water if disturbed.

Crayfish is the primary food source for Queen snake and the abundance of crayfish in an area can regulate the presence or absence of these snakes. These species are dependent on high water quality to maintain a stable food source and they are particularly susceptible to water pollution. Rapid urbanization and other forms of developments such as channelization, siltation and damming of streams are impacting these species.

While their population is considered stable across North America, they are now considered as one of the rarest snakes in New York State, and they are listed as endangered in New Jersey — while some experts believe this species has actually been extricated from NJ.

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