The Natural Bridge State Park in Virginia is also home to Monacan Indian living history village. Monacan Indians are one of the eleven Native American tribes recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. As of 2018 the Monacan Indian Nation has approximately 2000 members. The Monacan Indians considered Natural Bridge as a sacred site and called it “The Bridge of God”. The rocks that composed the Natural Bridge are early Ordovician, about 500 million years old.

Their native language is a Siouan language. They lived in villages with palisades walls and their homes were dome-shaped structures of barks and reed mats. The Monacan tribe hunted deer and other small game.

Today, the Monacan tribes hold a yearly powwow in May where the members of the tribe meet, dance, sing, socialize and honour their culture and keep their rich culture alive.

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