Shravan Regret Iyer’s Project 3 Lenses (Wildlife, Wild Places and Human Journey) – Celebrating 4 years

In 2017 on World Environment Day (June 5), we (Regret Iyer Productions) invited you to be part of the virtual journey to explore the breathtaking wilds of the Himalayas (‘Life in the Himalayas). In the following years, we continued our virtual explorations (‘Bhutan, the last Shangri La; ‘This is America and ‘One Earth’ visual series). To celebrate our four years of virtual exploration, we invite you to another epic adventure, this time in the wilds of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In this virtual journey, we will explore, the country’s unique biodiversity, lifestyle, and architecture – including one of the world’s most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia, a 12th century Temple city inside a 400 sq km of Angkor Archaeological Park nestled in the forests of Cambodia, also a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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