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It is indeed a spectacle to watch a flock of starlings preparing to roost for the night. Researchers have analyzed the movements of starlings flocks and found that the intricate aerial dances is actually not due to a designated leader’s choice, but due to a few birds that clump closely together and they are the ones that call the shots when it comes to turning. Ones these birds begin to turn, the message spreads fast “about 20 ~ 40 meters per second” meaning a flock of 400 birds needs just about half a second to turn! And this movement is in fact similar to that of superfluid helium. Join me Shravan Regret Iyer @shravanregretiyer3lenses and explore ‘This is America’ Also visit @regretiyerproductions @shravanregretiyer & for more immersive stories from the natural world. #worldmigratorybirdday

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