The woman who made Cambodia!
While, King Jayavarman VII, is known as the most powerful Khmer monarch who ruled during the height of Cambodia’s Angkorean empire, there was a great female leader long before Jayavarman was even born. The first leader during the Funan era in Cambodia, which began around 613 AD, was a woman named Nagi Soma, daughter of the chieftain of the local Naga (serpent) clan. During her leadership, national unity was strong and the strength of her dynasty was known around Asia. Queen Soma was married to Kaundinya, an Indian warrior-prince from Kalinga, a historical region of India. The couple were later known as Preah Thong (Kaundinya) and Neang Neak (Queen Soma) and are symbolic personas in Cambodia’s Khmer culture. Hence one can witness the mixture of both Indian and Cambodia’s indigenous people, cultures, traditions in ancient architecture, rituals, ceremonies, etc., in present-day Cambodia.    
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